Protecting Your Image : Reputation Management – Sancho Van Ryan

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Reputation Management: Protecting Your Company’s Image – Sancho Van Ryan

Being in the Las Vegas nightlife industry comes with certain risks and benifits. The high visibility of this industry does seem to lead to a high amount of negative online posts about numerous people who work in and frequent both nightclubs and gentlemen’s clubs.  Having been the target of many such smear campaigns, I feel that this week’s show on reputation management is particularly useful to brands and people that are the target of  “anonymous” trolling and negative posts by competitors etc. At Future M3dia group and Viva Vegas TV, we have experienced success in this area by using the tools discussed in this video. We still have improvements to be made but I wanted to get this information out as soon as possible in the hope that it may help anyone whose reputation online has been attacked. I hope you enjoy this week’s episode.

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This week on ‘The VivaVegasTV ShowMichael and Sancho Van Ryan  reveal a new service VivaVegasTV is offering called Reputation Management.  Reputation Management is about getting bad reviews from sites such as off the first page of a company’s Google search results.  It works by creating positive online content about a company on several different platforms (Facebook, Youtube, WordPress, Twitter etc) in order to ensure that that companies message is the only message seen on the first page of a Google search of that company’s name.  VivaVegasTV has already used proven Reputation Management techniques to improve the search results of several companies and brands.

Reputation Management Pricing

Also in the show, Michael alludes to a 3 hour interview with a very successful entrepreneur coming up soon on the VVTV Show.  Sancho talks about the Tip Of The Week which is a site called Gramblr allows you to post pics to Instagram from your desktop, a great tool for Instagram marketers.  Michael talks about one of the best books out there on the subject of Social Media Marketing called Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuk.  Sancho Van Ryan also recommends the a podcast for those trying to learn more about Social Media Marketing called the Social Media Examiner hosted by Michael Stelzner.  And for those entrepreneurs interested in ‘boot strapping’ and doing their own SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Michael recommends a site called

‘The VivaVegasTV Show’ is all about Entrepreneurship, Personal Growth, and the Las Vegas Lifestyle.  You can watch it live every Thursday at 4:05pm PST on www.AllTalkRadio.Net

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