Facebook Is Not God: Episode 1 of The Viva Vegas TV Show – Sancho Van Ryan

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Its been a long time coming but I have finally gotten around to starting a weekly show for Viva Vegas TV. Together with Michael Sartain and the Viva Vegas TV team, we will be bringing some great issues, events and information to our audience. See the full details below.

Sancho Van Ryan and Michael Sartain talk about the main topics of ‘The VivaVegasTV Show’: Personal Growth, Entrepreneurship and the Las Vegas Lifestyle.  They each reveal what initially drew them to the self-help community.  Sancho talks about the hardship of losing his mother to breast cancer, Michael talks about losing his father to a drunk driver.  They discuss what self help book were the most influential to them.  For Sancho it was the book ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ by Robert Kiyosaki, for Michael it was ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle.  They talk about the idea of finding mentors through books such as Martin Luther King, Warren Buffett, Steve Jobs, Mother Teresa, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos, Sam Walton and so on.

The two talk about negativity in social media.  “Facebook is not God, Facebook is not prayer.” Michael exclaims.  “You are all marketing yourselves.”, he says.  They discuss how each person in essence is a small company and how there’s no room for negativity.  Michael reveals the only three things you should ever post on social media: positivity, humor and information.  He goes on to state that expressing victimhood on social media isn’t productive and that, “The only person who can chose to become a victim is you.  No one can make you a victim.”



Sancho and Michael discuss the importance of bringing the right people into your organization and into your life.  “You are the sum of the five closest people around you.”, Michael says.  Sancho mentions the idea brought to him by Tai Lopez of spending 1/3 of your time with people who’ve progressed further than you, 1/3 of your time with people who are at the same level as you and 1/3 of you time with people who haven’t achieved your level of success.   Michael talks about the importance of balancing your organization with ‘right brained’ and ‘left brained’ people.  He talks about how a company needs entrepreneurs who think outside the box and also needs logical thinkers to act as pragmatists.

Michael explains the importance of online guerrilla marketing.  He explains how print, television and radio advertisements aren’t as effective as they once were.  He uses the examples of ‘Borders’ and ‘Barns and Noble’ not fully recognizing the importance of moving to the internet until it was too late.  Sancho explains how simple it is to use video to create a blog and market your brand.  They also go over versatile ways video can be used to market a brand, for example: YouTube, a blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even Podcast audio and video.

The two discuss three tenants of VivaVegasTV: Philanthropy, Community and Integrity.  Philanthropythrough volunteering with ThreeSquare.Org, The Shade Tree, The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and Sapphire Prostate Foundation.  Community through supporting the Las Vegas nightlife community and hosting industry events.  And Integrity though always conducting business above board and in the most honest and transparent way possible.

They also announce their upcoming events including, a canned food drive at The Bank Nightclub Sunday October 5th supporting ThreeSquare.Org and celebrating the birthdays of John Thomason, Michael Glenn and Michael Sartain.  They talk about a volunteer opportunity Tuesday October 7th at the College Park Baptist Church Food Pantry (2101 East Owens Ave Las Vegas, NV 89030) from 1-4pm, as well asTiffany Master‘s birthday party, October 21st at Beacher’s Madhouse inside the MGM Grand.  And Michael reveals that he’s doing interviews on the red carpet for the Fetish and Fantasy Ball October 31st at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

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‘The VivaVegasTV Show’ is all about Entrepreneurship, Personal Growth, and the Las Vegas Lifestyle.  You can watch it live every Friday at 4:05pm PST on www.AllTalkRadio.Net/AllTalk-2

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