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Sancho Van Ryan C.E.O of Viva Vegas TV today announced the upcoming induction ceremonies for the official Nightclub Hall of Fame.  “I’ll be the face of the company on the ground and in the trenches,” says Van Ryan. “I’m talking to DJs and marketing people every week, keeping up with new music and graphics, and building relationships.” – read full article here

“I’m happy to be part of this team, honoring the nation’s top industry leaders of this $20 billion dollar a year Nightclub & Bar industry.” “Everyone at Future M3dia and Viva Vegas TV is excited to be involved with these events.”

If it exists, it seemingly has a hall of fame. The Mascot Hall of Fame inducts sports-team characters in Philadelphia every year. Here in Las Vegas, we have halls for golf, pinball and burlesque, among others. Somebody came up with one for, of all things, insurance, and don’t ask about the other that honors roadkill.

So it should stand to reason that nightlife would have one as well. But up until recently, there wasn’t an official hall of fame to honor the national nightclub and bar scene, which generates an estimated $20 billion annually—an accomplishment not lost on Ryan Dahlstrom, a longtime club operator/manager and consultant. The then-director of nightlife for Nightclub & Bar Media (which produces the annual Nightclub & Bar Show) sought to acknowledge not the venues themselves, but the industry’s success stories and ladder-climbers, especially those thriving in Las Vegas’ lucrative scene.

“I think they’re under-recognized,” he says. “Some are worried about their brand and don’t promote themselves … but these guys have changed our lives and others’ lives so much, they deserve the respect and to be celebrated.”

Dahlstrom nabbed and sat on an unregistered URL early on; eventually reached out to operations/marketing specialist (and Krave colleague) Preston Rideout, who had been formerly associated with several Angel Management Group locations; and left his day job with Nightclub & Bar. In October, Dahlstrom and Rideout—in the roles of president and vice president, respectively—officially announced the Nightclub Hall of Fame.

A first round of sorts included 12 honorees from three different categories—national, Las Vegas and DJs—all chosen by Dahlstrom, Rideout and a board of directors. The list included heavyweights such as Jason Strauss and Noah Tepperberg of Tao Group, SKAM Artist Management founder Sujit Kundu and Lil Jon (the lone artist/DJ honoree, though more are expected in the future).

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