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Model and YouTube personality, Jesse Preston, stops by to talk to Sancho Van Ryan and Michael Sartain this week on The VivaVegasTV Show.  Jesse’s Youtube channel is based on makeup artistry, she currently has over 57,000 subscribers and 33,000,000 views.  She starts of by describing what inspired her to start her the channel, “I’m obsessed with art, I love art.  And I found myself more and more attracted to the art of making your body different.  Rather than painting on a canvas I’m painting on my body.”  She also notes that YouTube celebrity makeup artist Michelle Phan was one of her insprartions for starting her channel.  Jesse Preston talks about seeing a niche on YouTube that wasn’t being met, “I started it because there was very little of the aspect of…ok…here’s a Latina girl, here’s a girl with curly hair, here’s a girl that’s not perfect already trying to show you how to be extra perfect.”

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Jesse reveals how she started off with a very inexpensive camera, “I propped it (the camera) up on shoe boxes so it would be eye level with me.  I set it up on the floor of my closet and I showed you how to do the makeup that I would do if I was going out.” she continues, “…I was hosting a lot of clubs at the time… Playboy model Jesse Preston is coming to host this club.  Come see her tonight.”  Jesse Preston also talks about how chasing her dream hasn’t kept her from her other job, working at arguably the number 1 nightclub in the world, XS.


Click here to see the entire episode.

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